Test Run Recap | Winter 2018

Over 50 friends and family braved the snowy, freezing weather to celebrate the whirlwind journey of the Winter ‘18 Immersion Program cohort and play their capstone games at Test Run!

After learning new skills throughout the program, the cohort was challenged to apply their knowledge and build a playable game prototype in just 24-hours. This round’s theme: Voyage.

At TEST RUN, teams pitched their projects to a panel of judges, then answered questions from the audience on both the technical and creative aspects of their projects. First up, the Mountaineer team described how film influenced their art direction and led them to a unique, close up camera angle to elicit a heightened emotional connection with the character. Then the team behind Space Junk! shared their desires for more laidback cooperative games, so they focused on building a family-friendly project that centers on teamwork, friendship, and raccoons in space. Finally, the Dungeon Mapper team drew inspiration from in-game maps, introducing us to the dapper cartographer who explores dungeons, draws out their details, and leaves it behind for battle-tested heroes.

TEST RUN wrapped up with game demos, socializing, and delicious snacks. If you weren’t able to join us, or just want your chance at a replay, check out the game projects below.

An extra special thanks and shout-out to our guest judges Ashley Godbold (Senior Game Developer, GameSmart & Author, Mastering Unity 2D Game Development: Second Edition) and Ellen Burns-Johnson (Instructional Designer, Allen Interactions & Immersion Program Alumni), as well as TPT for hosting!



A game of hope and despair. Journey through a bleak and dangerous place by scaling a mysterious and dark mountain as you try not to freeze…

Created by: Emma LaCroix, Milo Kent-Pettit, Omar Shehata, Phuc Nguyen, and Rode Hao


A chill, casual 2 player couch co-op about fun, friendship, and garbage. Scavenge for trash treasure and build a spaceship, then blast off and and co-pilot your beautiful junk masterpiece while fending off space hazards by pelting them with rubbish.

Created by: Bobby Brace, Erica Lee, Jessica Dungca, Jordan Hamann, and Michael Biggers


The maps had to get there somehow. In this rogue-like game, you are the Dungeon Mapper. Explore the furthest corners of dungeons, avoid enemies, and get your maps to heroes embarking on their epic quests.

Created by: Alex Edinger, Christian Davidsen, Lester Young, Truman Baize