Test Run Recap | Summer 2017

TEST RUN welcomed 75+ friends and family to TPT on Sunday, August 6th to celebrate the accomplishments of the Summer ’17 Immersion Program cohort!

After learning new skills throughout the program, the cohort was challenged to apply their new knowledge and build a playable game prototype in just 24-hours. At TEST RUN, teams pitched their projects to a panel of judges, and answered questions from the audience. TEST RUN wrapped up with game demos, socializing, and an abundance of tasty cheese snacks. If you weren’t able to join us, or just want your chance at a replay, check out the game projects below.

An extra special thanks and shout-out to our guest judges Nick Miller (Lead Programmer, Graveck Interactive), Kristin Solid (Instructor, Minneapolis College of Art & Design) and Ajuawak Kapashesit (Immersion Program Alumni), as well as TPT for hosting!


Serial Dating

A visual novel dating game with a deadly twist. In order to stay in your family’s inheritance, you must get married. But one of your prospective partners is a serial killer. Choose wisely or die dating.

Created By: Annie Moua, Hannah Murphy, Ian Brown, Martial Besombes, Micah Fitch

Space Heist

In this 2D couch co-op platformer, you and your partner follow an ancient treasure map, leading you to one single asteroid hiding a treasure supposedly worth trillions of parrots. However, the scurvy dogs who hid the treasure laid traps and pitfalls all around the riches, and you forgot your weapons.

Created By: Avery Musbach, Fernando Telles, John Bode, Stefen Menzel

Newspaper Delivery Man X: The Reckoning - Dawn of Paper II

A top-down, auto scrolling, two dimensional “post-pixel” shooting game for the personal computer.

Created By: Duy Phan, Erik Schaal, Peter Bjorndal, Zachary Koehn