Story Forge is a workshop all about game writing. We understand that the narrative experience of a game is very different from that of other media, so we created a space where storytellers can meet and work together.

All interested are welcome, whether you’re a seasoned veteran, total beginner, or just a curious hobbyist. Your co-hosts and volunteers will help you workshop your current project. If you don’t have a project, feel free to sit in and contribute ideas to a different project. Your feedback is valued!

Story Forge meets quarterly at GlitchHQ. We recommend bringing something to write with and a visual aid to help guide discussion around your narrative. We hope to see you at our next meeting on May 29th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm!

Bobby Brace

Bobby Brace

Community Organizer

During the day, Bobby works as a QA Analyst for a software development team in Downtown Minneapolis. His academic background is in Anthropology and Japanese Literature with a side of History, and his non-academic background includes a little bit of theater, community television production, and a short stint as a radio DJ. In his opinion the best games are those driven by their stories, such as the more recent Persona games, the Dark Souls franchise, and Portal.


Continue your Story Forge conversations on the Minnesota Game Dev slack channel. From there, you can private message people you’ve met or workshopped with, as well as discover writing prompts on the #narrative channel.