Retiring Lounge


Lounge was introduced almost 5 years ago shortly after GLITCH was founded as a student group at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. When Lounge began, it was the central hub for all of our activities. Our staff and over 20 volunteers helped to run it weekly, which included hauling all of our equipment in multiple cars from our storage space and setting it up, as well as facilitating game challenges, special events, and two separate rooms for boisterous playing or quiet game making. Over the years, hundreds of players and creators connected and shared a love of games together. As you can imagine, Lounge holds a special place in our staff’s hearts and GLITCH’s history.


A recent incident involving equipment theft by a group of teens sparked a conversation about the series and its role within our current programming. What we discovered is that it no longer fits with our mission, and that, from our recent experiences, community-led events are a better fit right now. Moving forward and outlined below, here are the steps that we will be taking to change up our events and better serve the community.

The first step is retiring Lounge from our line up, starting immediately. This makes more room for community-led activity nights, which currently include Tabletop Tuesdays, Story Forge narrative design workshop, Gaymer Space, and the newly formed Dungeons and Dragons Thursdays. We love these events led by our passionate community members, want to see more of them, and are excited at the prospect of them filling up GlitchHQ’s Friday nights. If you’re interested in hosting a new event or activity, talk to us.



We are continually committed to hosting events that are a safe space for all, which includes preventing thefts and incidents. So our second step is introducing the following event policies.

Age requirements — Starting immediately, anyone under the age of 16 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Parents/Guardians aren’t required to participate or be in embarrassingly close proximity to their teens, but must remain onsite. Our staff will card everyone upon entry. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this.

ID required for all checkouts — When checking out games, consoles, or equipment, an ID must be left at the front desk for the duration of use. Accepted identifications include drivers licenses, school or state IDs, and library cards. Additional IDs may be accepted at the discretion of staff.

If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, please feel free to reach out to Katie by email: katie(at)glitch(dot)mn.