Resident Release: Zodiapp

We’d like to give a big congratulations to GlitchHQ Residents Matt Gravelle and Nick Miller of Graveck on launching their latest title, Zodiapp!

The game was developed over 3.5 years, and we were able to follow along with the final four months of polish before release. During our weekly roundup meetings, Graveck shared both their successes and setbacks including uncovering bugs from six soft launches around the world, Australia being the most recent.

Graveck also enlisted a little help on Zodiapp from fellow GlitchHQ residents. Nicolaas VanMeerten (Sr. Programs Director, GLITCH) analyzed data from the game to improve player experience, Stephen McGregor (Game Designer, Escape Industries) jumped in on QA testing to help create a thorough bug list, and Evva Kraikul (Executive Director, GLITCH) provided design and playability feedback. Graveck even hid a secret message in a coin-generating debug button that may have been too tempting for a certain tester.


Zodiapp Icon

Release Date: June 1, 2017
Publisher: Secondverse LLC
Developer: Graveck Interactive, LLC
Compatibility: iOS 6.0+; iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Zodiapp is a zodiac-themed lifestyle app that brings daily horoscopes and journeys of self-discovery to your everyday life through intriguing collectible cards and a stylized match-3 mini-game. From the App Store:

Explore topics such as mindfulness, friendship, and joy while aligning the stars. Toss coins into a mystic fountain to reveal wisdom and gifts. Enjoy an immersive mini-game to energize you and propel your journey forward. Collect Spirit Guides to help you along your path. Join a fellowship and bond together for motivation and success. Unleash the power of horoscopes! Embark on a powerful journey of self-reflection filled with tips to help you live your best life.


  • Daily Horoscopes: New horoscope updated daily written by world-renowned astrologer Georgia Nichols and filled with insights and predictions for your life.
  • A Community of Explorers: Join a community and work with others in an encouraging fellowship to collectively achieve rewards– without the pressure of failure.
  • New Weekly Journeys of Empowerment: A new journey each week centered around new topics of self-discovery.
  • Daily Wisdoms: Login each day of a journey for new life tips and truths on the journey’s topic.
  • Align the Stars: Partake in an engaging match 3 puzzle game that will help power your journeys, and give you energy.
  • Collect Guide Cards: Hundreds of spiritual guide cards each with different strengths, abilities, and wisdoms.
  • Make everyday more meaningful: Utilize astrology as a tool for self-discovery, strength, and empowerment.


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Have some astrological, match-3 fun by downloading Zodiapp for free from the App Store.


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We know many of you love to support fellow game creators and go the extra mile to do so. If that’s your jam, consider finding Zodiapp through a keyword search of “horoscope” before downloading to boost its position in search results.

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