Power Leveling | 2018 Guild Announcement

We’re excited to announce the Guild Members for year three of Power Leveling, GLITCH’s professional development program for the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2018 in San Francisco, California. We were amazed by both the quality and quantity of the applicants, and accepted less than 20% of the applicants to the program this year.

Stephanie Hurlburt’s Entrepreneurship Guild
Clorama Dorvilias
Karinya Song
Mike Mariano’s Design Guild
Sweta Mohapatra
Sohaj Singh Brar
Jane Ng’s Art Guild
Spencer Everhart
Rachel Peterson
Aubrey Scott’s Programming Guild
Cour Billadeau
Molly Freundt
Bálázs Török’s Programming Guild
Seth George
Jose Rivera

But wait, there’s more! This year we saw a 50% increase in applications, an overwhelming demand for business and research guilds and, unfortunately, low submissions for the audio guild. To be respectful of Darren Korb’s time and experience, we believed it was best to drop the audio guild this year. We are still honoring his GDC ticket as a token of our appreciation for his willingness to support emerging game makers and the Power Leveling Program. To replace the the audio guild and meet demand, we added three new guilds:

Lauren Clinnick’s Marketing Guild
Ashraf AbouHaikal
Sherveen Uduwana
Evva Kraikul’s Entrepreneurship Guild
Izzy Gramp
Andrew Nguyen
Nic VanMeerten’s User Research Guild
Charlie Mackin
Charles McGregor

Last, but definitely not least, a HUGE thank you to Simon Carless and Katie Stone of the Game Developer’s Conference for continuing to support Power Leveling, the scholarship program, and being a champion for emerging game makers.

Follow along with all of the Power Leveling Guild adventures with the hashtag #powerLVLing over on GLITCH’s Twitter and Instagram.