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PLAY/TEST Gets an Upgrade

You asked. We listened. Check out the exciting new updates coming to PLAY/TEST below, based on your experiences as game makers and players.

Wait, why make changes?
To get better! PLAY/TEST aims to be a valuable resource to game makers looking for feedback, as well as a fun event for players to try new games and chat with their creators. We asked for your thoughts on the event, including what could be improved, and received many requests to better facilitate communication between developers and players. So we’ve designed a few improvements to help bridge that gap.

What’s New for Developers?
The bulk of the changes happen well before the event, starting with an RSVP. Game makers who sign up with a free “I’ll Bring a Game” ticket on Eventbrite will receive a guaranteed demo space with signage displaying the game title and creator. We’ll also be assisting with the game’s promotion on social media, and asking makers to share images and gifs with us so we can create eye-catching posts. This gets people excited to play your game ahead of time, encourages fans to engage and follow along online, and helps players know what and whose game they’re playing during the event.

Want to test your game, but didn’t claim a ticket? Bring it along! A limited amount of additional demo spaces will be available during PLAY/TEST on a first-come, first served basis as space allows.

What’s New for Players?
We got your feedback loud and clear. You wanted a better idea of what to expect at PLAY/TEST and be able to identify on-site games and their makers. Moving forward, we are asking game makers to RSVP before the event so we can announce them through our social media. This lets everyone know what games to expect at PLAY/TEST and gives you the opportunity to follow the game’s development online. We’ll also be creating signage that displays the game title and creator at the event, making it easy to identify them during PLAY/TEST.

We encourage players to RSVP for PLAY/TEST on the Eventbrite to let game makers know they’ll be there. Just like players, they like to know what to expect. Seeing an attendee list encourages them to register early and be announced to players sooner. Didn’t RSVP? No problem! We don’t require a ticket, but we hope you consider signing up in the future.

When is this happening?
The next PLAY/TEST event on October 5th will have these changes. You can sign up right now over on the Eventbrite.


The next event is on October 5th, 2017 from 5pm – 9pm.