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GLITCH promotes the exploration of digital games as a culture, career, and creative practice. We’re a nonprofit that works to educate, inspire, and equip emerging makers with the tools for success in the digital game and simulation fields.

Our organization supports emerging creators, makers, thinkers, and doers of new work in digital games whose developing voices reveal significant potential and:

  • who are not recognized as established by other creators, curators, producers, and critics.
  • who take risks and embrace challenges in their approach to creation, production, & promotion

We’re all about educating, inspiring, and equipping emerging game makers of all backgrounds with the tools for success. Help us reduce barriers and offer scholarships to our programs for under-served populations through our Diversity Fund. GLITCH’s programs are currently comprised of 30% – 40% underserved populations. Through these scholarships, we can reach 50% by the end of 2017.

Below are the programs we will be offering scholarships to and program fundraising goals.

Immersion Program

GLITCH’s Immersion Program is a 2-week intensive course that embeds classrooms in digital game companies, public institutions, and universities. Cohorts travel around the northern region to learn about the game development pipeline while gaining exposure to opportunities and receiving valuable mentorship.

Fundraising Goal: $5,000
Scholarships will fully cover program fees for 20 Immersion Program participants.

Power Leveling

The Power Leveling program empowers guilds of emerging game makers and mentors to attend professional conferences, make meaningful connections, and explore personal and professional growth opportunities together.

Fundraising Goal: $12,500
Funding will cover 20 program application fees to reduce the barrier of entry for underserved populations.

This amount will also fund scholarships for 6 Power Leveling participants, including an All Access Pass to the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, California, as well as a modest stipend to cover travel and stay costs.

Residency Program

Our Residency Program supports independent game makers with an affordable work space packed with creative resources. Through opportunity-sharing, engaging events, and collaboration, we cultivate an experimental environment for the community to thrive.

Fundraising Goal: $5,000
Scholarships will fund 12 months of a Full-Time Residency desk and 12 months of a Partial Residency seat.


Event Scholarships


Gamecraft, GLITCH’s locally-hosted site for the Global Game Jam, challenges designers, artists, developers, and writers to create an original game in 48-hours. Teams of creators from all backgrounds and skill levels, from beginner to expert, have the opportunity to collaborate with new people, experiment on projects, and push their creativity in exciting directions. Emerging voices also have a unique way to collaborate with local professionals and build their portfolios.


GlitchCon is a two-day arts and cultural festival showcasing digital games technology, interactive media, and immersive experiences. This festival serves as a catalyst for digital innovation and creativity that focuses on building connections between industry leaders and emerging makers.

Fundraising Goal: $5,000
Scholarships will cover the attendance cost for 50 underserved peoples to each event.



Thank you so much for your support!

Keep your eyes on our social media throughout the day for a special, personalized thank you message made with a little help from artists within our community.

Twitter: @GlitchMN
Facebook: /GlitchMN

*MAP for Nonprofits serves as GLITCH’s fiscal sponsor*

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