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Meet this month’s facilitator, Troy Strand, who will kick off August 16th’s discussion of “Game Music as a Storytelling Device: How Music Enriches the Narrative Experience.”


Share your thoughts, ask questions, and hear what everyone else thinks. Check out the suggested media titles below if you’re unfamiliar with the topic or would like to learn more!

Closing Thoughts

We’ll wrap up the discussion by sharing final thoughts, followed by a few minutes to connect with each other after the conversation.

Troy Strand

Troy Strand


Troy is a composer and educator in the Twin Cities. A lifelong musician, he has composed music in the Minnesota indie scene for the past five years. He is always looking at ways to make music and games more fun which also helps him take the world a little less seriously. His music can be found in local games like A Druid’s Duel, Verdant Skies, and Treasure Stack.


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Suggested Media

Story Telling and Interactivity in Video Gaming

An in-depth look into important moments in music as a storytelling device, this article explores the role of music in the interactive nature of games throughout the genre’s history.

Reading Time: 25 – 30 minutes 

The Musical Revolution is Here, All You Need to Do Is Play

Sound designer and composer Akash Thakkar (Hyper Light Drifter) takes a look at the world of game music and how it enriches the experience of not only the player, but the broader musical landscape.

Watching Time: 11:41 minutes

Music As Storytelling In Games

YouTuber and game composer Jake Butineau discusses the many different ways games use music to tell a story and enhance the gameplay experience.

Watching time: 6:05 minutes

The Importance of Music in Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

This IGN video features composer Jessica Curry (Dear Esther) discussing the music and its unique implementation in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, as well as its emotional impact.

Watching Time: 3:06 minutes

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