Announcing Community Activity Nights

Are you looking for a space to host your community meetup or have an idea for an activity night?

This summer, GlitchHQ is introducing community-hosted activity nights! We’re looking for community leaders and motivated individuals who are interested in organizing and hosting meetings, prototyping sessions, game nights, discussion groups, and other related activities on a regular basis. This is a great opportunity to start the activity you’ve always wanted, build leadership experience, and meet new friends with similar interests.

Why now?
When we opened GlitchHQ last fall, our staff was at full capacity working on GLITCH’s major events and developing new programs. To make our space and resources available to everyone without stretching staff too thin, we created open public hours. While open hours have been used by some, it hasn’t reached its full potential yet. We’re excited to bridge this programming gap and explore new activities with the community.

Ideal Activities Will:

  • Be related to games, game creation, or an aspect of digital games
  • Utilize GLITCH’s or other pre-existing, free resources
  • Be recurring, i.e. monthly, bimonthly, weekly
  • Be posted on our website as a “Community Driven Activity”
  • Be promoted through GLITCH’s social media and newsletter

Community Organizers Will

  • Plan and execute their chosen activity
  • Provide a short description of the activity, as well as a photo and short bio of themselves
  • Work with GLITCH to coordinate dates and event details
  • Take ownership and responsibility of the activity, as well as be identified as the organizer on the website activity post
  • Have the option to create a Facebook event through their account to directly invite friends that will be shared through GLITCH’s social media

**Please note: GLITCH reserves the right to accept or decline any proposed events at its discretion.

Interested in becoming a Community Organizer?

Contact Katie Simning by email: katie @