Play Testing

Play Testing is a monthly series where you’re invited to try playful new experiments and tinker with works in progress.

From retro-inspired games and dangerous adventures to tricky puzzles, you’ll find a bold mix of playables to check out at Play Testing.

On the third Thursday of each month from 6-9pm CST, we will highlight a new project!

August Feature

Goddess Grotto

Goddess Grotto is a paper experience turned digital garden where you tend to your sexual identity.


Made by Aubrey Jane Scott and Vicki Scott to explore the intersections of art therapy and sex education.




15 mins



Seats Available:

24 Players

Meet the Creators of Goddess Grotto

A games generalist focusing on engineering and design. Aubrey is also a podcast host at sheherhers.com and retired roller derby athlete.

Aubrey Jane Scott (She/Her)

Creator , Goddess Grotto

Right handed writer and hummus connoisseur. 

Vicki Scott (She/Her)

Writer, Goddess Grotto