Dodge Everything: HyperDot Launches on Friday, January 31

Ultra-challenging arcade game is easy on the eyes, hard on the reflexes, and optimized for accessibility.

MINNEAPOLIS – January 7, 2020 – HyperDot is a minimalist action arcade game with one rule: dodge everything. Developer Charles McGregor and publisher GLITCH launch HyperDot on Friday, January 31 on Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux. It is available to pre-order or wishlist on Xbox, Steam,, and the Microsoft Store.

HyperDot is a frenetic dodge ’em up stripped down to the essentials. The player avatar is a dot and the goal is to navigate safely through a sea of enemy shapes. The only tool available to players is movement, and the levels get faster and more complex as the campaign progresses. Developer Charles McGregor designed HyperDot to be challenging without being unforgiving — the goal of every level is in sight, and restarting after failing is instantaneous. 

“I was 8 years old when I started learning how to code in BASIC. I’ve made a lot of games and shipped a lot of side projects since then, but HyperDot is the first game that I put all of myself into — I did the programming, art, music, and sound effects,” says McGregor. “HyperDot started as an unorthodox class project, and with encouragement from friends and fellow developers, it grew and grew. Next thing I knew, I’d poured three years into perfecting it. I’m really proud of HyperDot and can’t wait to share it.”

Key features:

  • 100+ single player levels: The hand-crafted levels in campaign mode challenge players’ dodging finesse and puzzle-solving skills.
  • Local multiplayer: Up to four players can drop in and do battle with friends to see who can dodge enemies, collect tokens, and survive the longest.
  • Custom levels: Players can build their own challenges from scratch in the robust level editor, or they can customize existing levels with a suite of player, enemy, and arena modifiers.
  • Accessibility: We partnered with Cherry Rae Thompson, a leading voice in video game accessibility, and a team of disabled streamers to test HyperDot’s existing flexible features and determine how to make it even more accessible. A roadmap of updates resulting from the research can be found at


GLITCH is an independent video game label home to the off-beat and experimental. We produce games designed to inspire, challenge, and share story through play. With roots as a community-driven arts and education center, GLITCH directly invests in artists through public programs and funding opportunities.

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