Games Collection


Dodge everything in minimal action arcade game, HyperDot


A mind-bending puzzle game of logic and illusion


An elegant puzzle game weaving together a sophisticated canvas of color and sound. 

GLITCH is an independent video game label home to the off-beat and experimental. We produce games designed to inspire, challenge, and share story through play. With roots as a community-driven arts and education center, GLITCH directly invests in artists through public programs and funding opportunities.


Power Leveling

A guild-based scholarship program for the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco

Applications Open in Fall 19'


Startup Studio

Technical assistance for game makers looking to make games their business. 

Applications Open Summer '20

Artist in Residence

A place to create for independent artists packed with experimental resources.

Applications Open Summer '20





Next Event


Enjoy a full day of fun and free co-working with a bunch of friendly nerds making games. Prep for PLAY/TEST & eat happy lunch with us at noon!