Tabletop Tuesdays

Join us for a casual night of board games every 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 6:00pm – 10:00pm at GlitchHQ!

Play games from our tabletop library or bring your favorite to share with your friends and the community. Want to try a new title, but aren’t sure how to play? Our knowledgeable organizers can teach you the basics. All skill levels are encouraged to join in on the fun!

Unable to stay for the entire night? Feel free to drop in when you can! Games will be starting throughout the evening, so you’ll be able to jump into the action at any time.


Settlers of Catan
Sushi Go
Cash n’ Guns
Android: Netrunner
Star Trek Ascendancy

Power Grid
Going, Going, Gone!
Mage Wars
Flash Point
Machi Koro
The Target


Dominant Species
Red November
The Resistance
Cosmic Encounter
Dead of Winter

Forbidden Island
Puzzle Strike
Ha! Ha! Moustache!
+many more!

John Breckenridge

John Breckenridge

Community Organizer

John Breckenridge has enjoyed playing games his whole life. As President of the University Board Gamers for two years during college, one might consider board games his main hobby, but he also spends a good deal of time playing video, role playing, tabletop miniature, and card games. John loves spreading the joys of gaming far and wide. He also dislikes Monopoly, so talk to him about how much you love to pass go.