New Friday Event: Lounge 2.0

Hey everyone! Katie here (you may have seen me at my comically large front desk in GlitchHQ). Today I want to share a -big update- with you all about Friday nights at GLITCH.

We are kicking off Lounge 2.0 on Friday, September 30th. What is Lounge and how is there a 2.0 of it? Well, before we moved into GlitchHQ we hosted a weekly get together where the community could meet up and have open game time. Now feels like the perfect time to bring it back and do it better than ever, including expanded game libraries, comfier furniture, windows (seriously, we didn’t have those before), and an easier-to-find location. Check out more details about Lounge 2.0 on the event page.


PLAY/TEST will be changing days and frequency to be the first Thursday of every month starting in November. This change stems from two major factors we’ve noticed during the past year of PLAY/TESTing.

First, many games aren’t able to add significant updates from week to week. Players are less engaged when the titles have the same content, bugs, or have a perceived lack of progress. Devs are also less likely to be engaged when they aren’t actively testing something new. We want both devs and players to get the most out of PLAY/TESTing and we believe that once a month is that golden sweet spot for engagement.

Secondly, Friday is the weekend! PLAY/TEST has seen a steady increase of people starting impromptu pick-up games of established titles with their friends. They’re not alone either; community members have shared their desire for an open play night where they can hang out and play whatever. With Friday turning into a hub for community play on its own, we see Thursdays as a great new night for devs to demo their projects and players to build a greater connection with them.


Sure! Fridays will be completely open play and we encourage the community to bring their favorite games to share. However, we recommend playtesting on Fridays sparingly. If you have a major update or are preparing for a big demo event, folks will be much more likely to dive in and help provide feedback than if minor changes have been made or they played the same build recently. When bringing your game on a Friday, please be considerate when inviting people to try the demo. Some players will be excited to start right in and other players will prefer to stick to their favorite titles — we just ask that you respect their decision.

We’re all really excited for these changes and hope you are too! If you have any questions about PLAY/TEST or Lounge 2.0, please feel free to ask me at any of our upcoming events, via email at katie @, or on Twitter to @GlitchMN.